Safety And Home Security Tips For Seniors

The world can be a dangerous place. Sometimes when people are intent on robbing a home they view the elderly as easy prey. Reduce your chances of becoming a victim with these simple steps.

Home Protection Basics

With home invasions come severe consequences. Certain precautions that you take ahead of time will help keep you safe:

  • Keep all doors locked when you are home. Install a peep hole in your front door whether you live in a house or apartment. Make sure to have anyone who knocks on the door identify themselves before opening it up.
  • For any entry with outside access use a solid wood or metal door. The door frame also needs to be strong as well, you can get a reinforced or metal frame installed.
  • It is a good idea to protect windows in high crime areas as well. Applying a security film or Plexiglas from the inside will make it more difficult for glass to be broken and thereby make you safer.
  • If there is a knock on the door bring your phone with you in the event you need to call for help.
  • If your home is gated then always keep the gate locked. Anyone you know who wants to come in will know your phone number and will call. If you live in an apartment never buzz anyone in you didn’t expect coming or don’t know.
  • Do not leave door keys outside under mats or plant pots or anywhere. Give copies to family members or a trustworthy neighbor.

Extended Home Security

  • In any house a security system is the bedrock of your home safety plan. For true peace of mind you should have a home security system installed. Not only to deter thieves but also the can be of value in medical emergencies and fires as well. If you like to travel in your retirement then a security system is a must have.
  • Another must have is motion sensor lighting. They are a great way to know when someone is outside your in addition to decreasing potential vandalism. These lights can be installed in a house and also hallway of an apartment, as long as you check with the superintendent.
  • You could also consider a Senior Alert System
  • Additionally do not have monthly checks (such as social security) mailed to you. Sometimes criminals can figure out dates and times of when they are delivered. Direct transfer (ACH) is the best way to receive money.