Cost Cutting and Cable Cutting

Everyone knows that an affordable cable TV or satellite TV plan for seniors is hard to find.

Does Anyone Offer For Free Cable TV For Seniors?

Similar to other utilities, Cable TV is a service. As such Free Cable TV Service for Senior is nonexistent. However there are discounts and special pricing packages for senior citizens offered by many cable and satellite tv providers. Finding these discounts may require asking questions and being specific about your needs and most importantly how much you can afford to pay.

Senior cable packages can range from around $50 per month to about the $65-$70 range depending on the number of TV’s in the home and channel selections. Additional upfront fees may be required for lower credit scores.

Read on for tips on getting the best Senior cable or satellite TV deals.

1. Write down what channels you want

Actually taking time and making a list of your preferred channels ahead of time will help to prevent the price gouging process when your senior is signing up for a cable TV plan. That way you will know which channels you are interested in and they can put together a plan that will include all of their favorite channels. Take note that some channels will be considered “premium” and the costs will be slightly higher on those. Most basic senior TV plans include a wide variety of channels, so it is important to double check and make sure the ones you want are already included.

2. Give your local cable company a call

The next step is to contact local cable companies to compare rates and find the best deals on the services and channels you are interested in for your senior cable TV needs.

You need to understand that competition is your friend when comparing prices. So the more cable TV companies in your area the better deals are more likely to be available. Most of the time companies will lower their price to match the competition in hopes of attracting more customers. Not all companies have low cost cable TV plans for seniors, or even offer discounts for seniors. Always make sure ask if they offer discounted cable TV plans for seniors. Don’t just assume the representative will offer it to you.

3. Make sure to get the name of the representative you're speaking with

Creating a personal connection with the person you speak with is a good step for several reasons. People enjoy speaking with friendly people and often times will be nicer to work with. If you are confused about somethings when signing up for new Cable or Satellite TV they will take the time to explain things a little more. Or maybe the customer service rep will mention a special deal or package that you did not even know existed. Even by just knowing you are an elderly person it will be worth extra points! In the search for the best deal on Cable TV for seniors every little detail counts in getting you the best package at the best price.

4. Ask if your cable or satellite company offers elderly or senior discounts

Most companies will not openly advertise discounts for senior citizens so make sure to ask. During your search for cable TV service simply ask if they offer a senior package or special pricing for seniors. Many times they want business from customers who will be loyal, pay on time and not cancel. Therefore they may offer lower package pricing for seniors. Bottom line is that in never hurts to ask!

5. Start with the Smallest Plans

Sure it is easiest to go with the all-inclusive advertised package that takes sorting through all the options out of the process. But if your goal is to get low cost cable TV for seniors then you should be specific with what you are looking for. By letting the rep know you are looking for the most affordable plan possible they can point you in the right direction.

6. Ask if auto-bill-pay can save you money

A lot of times a good way to get the best deal is to sign up for auto-pay. In some cases you can save upwards of $10 to $15 per month, which is turns into significant savings over time. Ask your customer service representative if you can get your senior citizen cable deals with an auto pay plan and you can keep costs lower and save money.

7. Limit service to 1 or 2 TV's

If the senior citizen lives in a small er home then you can save money on your low cost cable TV plan by limiting the amount of TV’s you choose to watch cable on. If you normally watch TV only in the living room, don’t pay for cable in the bedroom, guest rooms or kitchen. Having cable is lightly used places is not worth tthe extra $5 to $10 per box that you'll be charged. It may not apply to your but if so it is a great option to shave some dollars off your monthly cable TV bill.

8. Ask about warranties

Warranties can be great investments for nearly any product or service. When it comes to cable TV providers, you will be offered equipment warranties, make sure to get only the coverage that you feel will provide the most value. Warranties offered with many senior TV cable plans cover equipment and maintenance for 6 months. With that you can rest easy you peace of mind knowing that you are covered in the event of any breakage or malfunction of your cable TV equipment. Also of note is that Dish Network Senior Discount Plans come with 6 months of equipment protection for free.

9. Ask if prices are guaranteed

It is no secret that prices in nearly every industry increase over time. Cable or Satellite TV is no exception.

During your search and sign up process for low cost seniors cable TV plans be sure to ask your representative if prices will increase.

It is common for most cable companies offer an introductory rate for new customers, but this discounted rate usually expires after 2 to 3 years. Make sure to take note of this date and when the price goes up call in and request for the introductory rate to be extended. If that is not possible then maybe adjust your package options to keep your bill lower. Cable discounts for seniors for 24 months with DISH with no price increases, Guaranteed!

10. Simply ask for a better rate

It may sound strange, but you never know unless you try. Many customers have success in simply asking for a lower rate on cable TV service. Especially if you've seen better prices advertised by other providers and have been a long-time customer with a history of on-time payments.