7 Tips for Making New Relationships

Because Seniors tend to be lonelier than other age groups, it’s important to form new relationships in their later years. From friendships to romantic partnerships, meeting new people or reconnecting with old friends can make huge quality of life improvements. Here are some helpful steps to improve your relationships.

1. Trust Your Instincts

With age comes knowledge and wisdom, which means you are probably good at reading others and their intentions. Seniors should trust their first instincts when meeting new people. If something about a person seems off, he or she is most likely not someone to connect with.

2. Set Some Basic Rules

Before you actively seek new relationships, it’s important to set some ground rules and stick to them. Maybe you are only interested in meeting someone who is a certain age, lives within half an hour of your house, or who has never been divorced. Help come up with a list of what you want and don’t want in a companion.

3. Don’t Get Hung Up On Appearances

Younger people tend to obsess over looks, but older adults are a little less superficial when it comes to choosing a mate. If have not had much of a social life in recent years, you may be self-conscious about your appearance. Consider asking a family member to help you shop for a new outfit, get a new haircut, or even a makeover to boost self-confidence.

4. All Relationships Are Not The Same

When younger people indulge in romantic relationships, they are usually looking for a life partner, whereas an older person might have already had that experience. If you are more interested in meeting someone to travel or have dinner with rather than fall in love with and marry, this is okay.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Internet or even a Blind Date

Online dating sites weren’t around when seniors were young, but now older adults are flocking to them to form new relationships. You may initially balk at the idea of a blind date, but it could be an excellent opportunity.

6. Be Open With Your Family

Many seniors worry their adult children will not accept new relationships, and in some cases this may be true. It’s important that you be upfront and honest your plans and goals of forming new relationships. Many times, communicating and keeping adult children in the loop can ease the fears of dating.

7. Look For People With Similar Interests

If online dating or blind dates are ruled out, you could form relationships through your interests. Hobbies, religious services, volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs, book clubs, garden clubs, and cruises are wonderful ways to meet like-minded people.